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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

2006 Team AIGA at the Cal Berkeley Full Contact Football Camp

2006 Team AIGA at the Cal Berkeley Camp
Jeff Mueller, Carson, FS, 6', 155
Sean Enesi, Carson, OG, 6'1", 285
Matt Cobos, Fillmore, DE, 6'1", 200
Phillip Tamase, Fillmore, DT, 6', 235
Jeru Tupai, Grant (Sacramento) 5'10", 225
Aviata Toma, Grant (Sacramento) 6', 220
Christopher Smith, Helix, WR, 6'3", 190
Luis Rosas, Kennedy (San Fernando), OL, 6'4", 311
Jeff Fischer, Lakewood, QB, 5'11", 180
Elias Azar, LA Baptist, OL/DL, 6'2", 355
Matthew Agaiava, Lynwood, DE, 6'2", 265
D'Vaughn Jones, Lynwood, LB, 6', 215
Phillip Gapelu, Lynwood, OG, 6'2", 310
Havlok Pomele, Milpitas (San Jose), RB, 5'8", 200
Steven Fanua, Milpitas (San Jose), OLB, 6'1", 195
AJ Ulutu, Mira Mesa (San Diego), DL, 6'2", 308
Christian Leau, Monrovia, LB, 6', 234
David Potts, Monrovia, QB, 6'3" 180
Joape Pela, Mountain View, LB, 6'3", 290
Niko Iosefa, Oak Grove, LB, 5'10", 255
Maurice Patterson, Oceanside, WR, 6'3", 190
Josh Harrison, Rio Mesa, 5'10", 255
Eric Roberso, San Diego, RB, 5'8", 200
Jonathan Velasquez, Savanna, WR/S, 5'11", 160
Apiata Tuihalamaka, Serra (Gardena), RB/DE/LB, 6'4", 210
Josh Arevalo, St Bonaventure, DE, 5'10", 235
Angel Morales, St Bonaventure, S, 5'11", 190
Josh Aguirre, St Bonaventure, DL/NG, 6'1" 300
Raphael Washington, St Bonaventure, TE, 6'4", 250
Talofa & Congratulations,
Muamua ona si'i le fa'afetai i le Atua: I would first like to give thanks to God.
This is faith based organization that gives Him all the glory.
AIGA is a word for family in the Samoan language. It is upon this word that our members and volunteers build our network to assist our youth. The 2006 Cal Berkeley Football Camp is the next stop for AIGA. Coach Feta Afuola will be coaching the 30 man roster from the State of California. These student-athletes will be participating in a 3-day camp on the campus of Cal Berkeley starting on June 16th (Fri.) and will conclude on June 18th (Sun.). For more information regarding the camp please click on the following link: or contact Coach Feta at 408.690.1762.
We look forward to successful camp and wish you all well in Berkeley.
God bless,
Coach Feta Afuola

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