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Friday, August 11, 2006

Scholarship established in honor of Shana Leaupepe

I came across this article from Samoa News: Friday, August 4, 2006. Shana Leaupepe passed away earlier this summer as noted in the following posts

July 11, 2006
July 8, 2006

Scholarship established in honor of Shana Leaupepe

By Leua Aiono Frost

Samoa News Correspondent

A football scholarship fund has been established in honor of 21-year-old Shana Mulinu'u Leaupepe, who was killed in a drive-by shooting on July 8 in Long Beach, Calif.

Leaupepe, a graduate of Samoana High School, was a star linebacker for the New Mexico State University. He was laid to rest last Friday in Fagatogo.

The individuals behind the Shana Leaupepe Memorial Football Scholarship are PICED founder Sandra King Young, who was Leaupepe's tutor, and House Rep. Matagi R. McMoore, whose son Alex was Leaupepe's best friend. Both Alex and Leaupepe grew up in Fagatogo.

During Leaupepe's funeral service, PICED staff Levetina King read a message from Young conveying her deepest sympathies to the Leaupepe family and their friends for their loss.

The letter also announced Young's intent with the support of Matagi to set up a scholarship fund for male athletes in honor of Leaupepe.

"In the memory and for all the virtues that he represents, the confidence to believe in himself, courage to pursue his dreams, dedication to education, strength to overcome obstacles, kindness to others, love for his family and for any other virtues he does possess, I, Sandra King Young, as his tutor and the founder of PICED, together with Speaker of the House of Representatives Matagi Ray McMoore, we hereby establish the Shana Leaupepe Memorial Football Scholarship," the letter said.

"Shana's scholarship will begin with a humble contribution of $1,000 for the school year, enough for books and supplies," Young said in the letter.

Matagi attended the funeral service as a family friend of the Leaupepe's and as a district representative.

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