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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Ronnie Fouch and Hans Philipp to enroll early at UW and UofA

Ronnie Fouch (Redlands East Valley) and Hans Phillip (San Bernardino Arroyo Valley) will enroll early at the University of Washington and the University of Arizona. Fouch was selected First Team Quarterback All San Bernardino by the Press Enterprise and Phillip was Second Team Defensive Lineman.

Until Washington coach Tyrone Willingham approached Fouch during Thanksgiving break, the REV quarterback never considered graduating early. Washington's starting quarterback this year was a senior, and its backup underwent surgery last month to remove a benign brain tumor, so Fouch could compete for playing time next fall if he has a strong spring.

The lone drawback for Fouch: He may not be able to finish his high school basketball career. Unless he receives permission to remain on the team from the CIF and the Redlands Unified School District, his final basketball game will be at Rialto Carter on Jan. 23 -- two days before the end of fall semester.

"That's really the only downside," said Fouch's mother, Rhonda, REV's athletic director. "We just have to find a way to let him play."

Philipp is eager to enroll at Arizona so he can spend time with his brother Paul Philipp, a senior defensive tackle.

"There's not much of a downside to it," Arroyo Valley coach Tony DiThomas said. "I don't want to say the last semester of your senior year is a waste, but at that point you're really just playing out the string."

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