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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Samson Satele Conference Call with Miami Media

Samson Satele Conference Call Transcript

April 28, 2007
(On the story about his hair) – “I’ve been growing it since I was a little kid. When I went over to my grandpa’s house my grandma cut it because she likes it the old Samoan way, the short hair, but I just kept growing it out and when it got to a point in high school where my grandma never said anything. I grew it out in high school and then cut it. I grew it out again in college to start all over.”

(On his personal expectations with the Dolphins in his rookie season) – “I want to be the best player out there. The Dolphins picked me. I’m going to bust my buns. I’m going to be a rookie, but I’m not going to play and practice like a rookie. I’m going to be a vet out there – like I’ve been in the league for awhile. I’m just going to bring everything I have.”

(On offensive line coach Hudson Houck) – “He’s a great coach. He worked me out at the Pro Day. I fell in love with the coach.”

(On what specifically he likes about Hudson Houck) – “I like the coaches that tell you one time and you have to do it. He’s a good coach, a teaching coach and a tough coach.”

(On how working under June Jones helped his development) – “It helped me a lot. Coach Jones helped me with the defense. He helped me with my (knowledge) of knowing the defense and where the blitzes are coming from. I’m thankful that I went to UH.”

(On if he sees himself as a multi-position player) – “Multi – I told Coach Hudson that I’d love to play center, but if he wants me to play guard then I’ll move to guard.”

(On what the Dolphins said to him about playing a different position) – “He told me I was a tough guy.”

(On when his mean streak comes out) – “I’m a humble a guy off the field. Once I step onto that field, practice and games, I just turn into a different guy.”

(On what adjustments he will have to make in the NFL after having played in the run-and-shoot at Hawaii) – “A lot of the coaching, the run-blocking scheme, we didn’t do that much at UH. We just did special work. The more reps I do, the more feeling I get back for me because I did it a lot in high school. I missed the run-blocking out in Hawaii.”

(On why he chose to play at Hawaii) – “I always wanted to play for Hawaii. I made a decision at Christmas, a verbal commitment.”

(On if several colleges recruited him out of high school) – “A lot of colleges were recruiting me like Nebraska, Colorado, BYU and Utah. I just wanted to play for Hawaii.”

(On where he is located currently in Hawaii) – “I’m in Mililani.”

(On how many people are with him) – “About 50.”

(On what the scene was like when he was selected) – “I couldn’t even hear the guy that called me. They knew right away. They were just yelling.”

(On relatives playing in the NFL) – “Uncle Alvis (Satele) made it to the San Diego Chargers. I have a lot of cousins that made it too. Those guys that made it before me, they gave me a lot of things to look forward to and think about because it’s not college anymore, it’s a business.”

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