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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Dolphins rookie Samson Satele is budding leader

Dolphins center Samson Satele's quiet confidence is already making an impression on his coaches.

These two offensive linemen have known each other for years. Went to college at Hawaii together. Traveled across a continent to South Florida together. And continue to study football plays on a daily basis together.So when Dolphins guard Tala Esera dishes out compliments about his fellow rookie and friend, center Samson Satele, it's typically going to be genuine. Maybe even a bit blunt.''He always acts like he knows all of his stuff,'' Esera said Wednesday, reclined on a plush leather couch in the Dolphins locker room. ``Even though sometimes he might not.''A backhanded gesture? Not at all. Because at this position -- and at this age -- that kind of quality isn't only important for a center like Satele. It's imperative.Yes, it will be better when Satele has also mastered the team's playbook, because a smooth demeanor can only get a player so far. But the rookie's quiet confidence is making an impression on his coaches.''I think that's half the battle,'' said offensive-line coach Hudson Houck, one of the NFL's most respected assistants for his ability to groom talent. ``If you can just sell people on what you're doing, you can sell ice water to Eskimos.``People believe in him as a leader.''Article continued at Miami Herald

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