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Monday, August 13, 2007

Cottonwood (Lynn Katoa) star enjoying turnaround

By Andrew Aragon

To understand Lynn Katoa's meteoric rise from being a scout-team player when he was a sophomore to working out in front of Urban Meyer, Pete Carroll and Mack Brown before his senior season, you have to look back to his upbringing in Texas.
Before he became a star linebacker at Cottonwood, Katoa was a member of a different kind of team - one that got in trouble with the law, didn't listen to its parents, and skipped school. Katoa made some bad choices, and he paid the price.
He bounced around between detention and programs designed to change his behavior. He was angry at the world, expressing his emotion in a way that was not only hurtful to those around him, but also to himself.
Katoa alternated living with his dad in Texas and his mom in Utah before moving here for good when he was 14. It was then that he hit rock bottom in terms of getting in trouble with the law.
Katoa had nothing to lose in those days. His parents' divorce put his life into a tailspin. Katoa, however, was able to straighten himself out after he strapped on a helmet and shoulder pads.
Now, he's stunningly in a position that high school football players around the nation strive for - he's wanted by the big boys in college football.

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