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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Life of Brennan: Hawaii's QB discusses the Heisman, surfing and his hair

Excerpt from a recent article on Colt Brennan in Sports Illustrated

On having dreadlocks this summer

Half my team is Polynesian with hair to their shoulders. The other half -- including our starting receivers -- have dreadlocks. So they helped me get it braided. I don't have a girlfriend, and the dreadlocks weren't helping me get one. Girls hate it.

On speaking Samoan on the field

When I got to Hawaii, I was getting into it, and we have a lot of players who speak Samoan. I started showing off what I'd learned. Next thing you knew, we were implementing Samoan in audibles. I'm afraid to give much away, but we use one word that sounds like pizza. Everyone [on the other team] thinks I'm yelling, "Pizza, pizza ... pepperoni and cheese...." They don't know what to do.

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