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Sunday, August 24, 2008

BYU Tight End Kaneakua Friel

BYU tight end Kaneakua Friel is quiet as a church mouse.

But on the football field, he's a big target for Max Hall. He's got moves, size and great hands. In the space of a year, the redshirt freshman from Kamehameha High in Hawaii, has been handed a lot of responsibility.


It goes back to a recruiting evaluation change by BYU the past two years.

Friel, who is 6-foot-5, 240 pounds, is currently the third tight end in BYU's offense, slipping into a slot vacated by Vic So'oto when he became a turncoat and went to the defensive side as an outside linebacker.

When the Cougars go to some three tight end sets, Friel is out there and he's looking just like the rest of BYU's storied tight ends. He gets open and he lays down blocks. He scoops up passes all over the place and gets first downs. He is also working at fullback, to ease the loss of Manase Tonga, who will not play this year due to academic challenges.

So, Friel gets all this duty, plus some special teams work and he barely played high school football.


He's got the least amount of exposure in BYU's football media guide. It amounts to a picture and four lines of print. His background is so underwhelming, publicists at the school could barely write enough about his high school career to sprinkle some ink on the page. There is not even one statistical reference in his bio that proves he played at all at Kamehameha.

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