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Friday, November 21, 2008

Irish toning down Te'o's visit

Punahou School's Manti Te'o, a prized linebacker recruit in the Class of 2009, will be making a visit to Notre Dame this weekend.

And the Irish had to take action to ensure Te'o can make a return trip if he so chooses.

Notre Dame students hatched a plan to distribute about 8,000 lei outside Notre Dame Stadium at tomorrow's game against Syracuse in honor of Te'o's visit, posting that plan on a fan Web site.

The problem? A concerted, organized effort such as that could be construed as an NCAA violation in which Notre Dame is publicizing a recruit's visit to campus and encouraging that recruit to attend the school. Once the Notre Dame compliance office received a missive about the plan, it bid the idea aloha.


1 comment:

Joseph said...

I say go ahead and do it. If they really want to show their love and support for Te'o, go all out! Yeah, you might lose some $$$ for violating league policies, but what the hell... A talent like his doesn't come around that often. And ND is in dire need of some premier players.