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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Warriors add RB to recruiting class

Sula originally signed letter with Boise State, but never enrolled

The University of Hawai'i football team has landed a highly regarded running back from California.

Jack Sula, who had signed a letter of intent with Boise State in February but never enrolled in that school, yesterday accepted a UH football scholarship.

"I have a second chance," Sula said, "and it's with Hawai'i."

Sula said he will enroll at UH in January. He plans to participate in the offseason conditioning program and compete in spring training.

He will have five years to play four seasons.

"Hawai'i is the perfect place for me," Sula said.

Sula, who is 6 feet and 210 pounds, played running back and linebacker at Carson High School. Although Boise State had recruited him as a linebacker, he will compete at running back for the Warriors.

"That's one of the reasons I picked Hawai'i," Sula said. "I wanted to play running back. That's my priority."

Sula overcame a tough gang-associated background, which was featured in an ESPN The Magazine story. His parents were teenagers when he was born.


1 comment:

Jodatoa said...

I wish the Warriors could keep the talent they got on the islands, home. But I can understand why players would want to branch off the islands, as well as people want to come play on the islands. It works both ways really. But sometimes having a diverse group of individuals from all over the nation is a good way to bring about the best in each other's talents. A competitive group makes for a better team in the long run and the diversity really brings out a uniqueness to a team. I think Hawaii needs to keep it's top local talents in Hawaii and get them to want to play for UH rather than USC, BYU, Utah, California, Stanford, the list goes on. But UH should try to recruit nationally if it really wants to become a force in the WAC. Their are hundreds upon hundreds of players playing football, go out their and find the talent that fits your system. There are tons of players who just want the oppurtunity to play with the big boys in D1A level. And I'm sure if you say come play for Hawaii they would consider it, though it will be far from home, the location of Hawaii is a trip in itself. And some people are just looking for a place to go. Someday I hope to see UH recruiting nationally, and becoming a year to year force.