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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Puletasi loves Samoan heritage


Certain player nicknames stick in your mind when you hear them, like Billy "White Shoes" Johnson or Jack "Throwin' Samoan" Thompson.

Sunny Puletasi (pronounced Poo-la'-tasi) wouldn't mind having his own nickname, but "Runnin' Samoan" doesn't have that ring about it, plus he really isn't a running back. And, admit it, you don't hear about many defensive ends with glorious nicknames.

No, defensive ends just go out and do their job without a lot of fanfare and that is exactly the type of person the Wolverine standout is, a team player who just loves the game he's still learning to play.

"I spent eight years living in Samoa with my grandparents and about all I did was lift weights," the senior said. "When I came to live with my parents, I was a sophomore here (LHS) and I just decided to play. I didn't know anything about the game, so I just worked to try and learn and get stronger."

He's obviously learned well because he's already been offered a full scholarship at the University of Wyoming and he's given them a commitment, a firm one.

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leloyd said...

Your families in Samoa are very proud of your accomplishment in the game of football. Keep up the good work!