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Friday, October 02, 2009

Maualuga's relatives survive tsunami

By Joe Reedy

Bengals linebacker Rey Maualuga was relieved to hear Thursday that his younger brother and other relatives on America Samoa were fine following Tuesday’s tsunami.

Rodney Maualuga, 20, was in Manu’a, America Samoa, when the tsunami struck. Maualuga Mauluga also had two aunts from his father’s side and cousins that still live on the island.

“Nothing too bad happened there (in the village). It was not being able to talk to him that made it seem worse than it was,” Maualuga said. “There’s a sense of relief knowing that everyone is OK. It stinks for the other families that have lost relatives.”

While Domata Peko’s family is OK, Jonathan Fanene lost some cousins in the tsumani. Peko was on a conference call with NFL, FEMA and Red Cross officials to voice his support for those affected.

“We all talk about family but he is doing good and taking it well,” said Peko about Fanene. “I can’t wait to play and represent for Samoa. It feels good to have a couple of teammates and keep your head on.”

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