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Monday, November 09, 2009

Highlights of versatile Burbridge about to go out

Is Gulf’s Will Burbridge a Division I-A talent?

Bucs coach Jay Fulmer certainly thinks so.

“There’s no question in my mind,” Fulmer said. “If he’s not, I don’t know what a kid would have to do to be I-A. He’s 6-foot-2, 225 pounds, benches 300 pounds, squats 400, has put up numbers like he’s put up, been the lead blocker for two 2,000-yard backs and on top of that has all the catches he’s made. And he never comes off the field. If he’s not a Division I kid, I guess I have no idea what I’m doing.”

A senior, Burbridge played his final high school game last week, and suffice to say he went out with a bang. On 21 carries, he rushed for 246 yards and four touchdowns.

To date, Burbridge, who played RBand DL for the Bucs, has no scholarship offers. But that doesn’t worry his coach, who said schools such as Colorado State, Louisville and USF are among the programs showing interest.

“We’re starting to hit it hard now,” Fulmer said. “There are a lot of schools we’ve got to get film out to. We’re working on that right now. When we get this batch of film out, I expect it to explode. He’s a fine, fine football player.”

Burbridge finished the season with 585 rushing yards on 80 carries, 15 catches for 230 yards and 68 total tackles with five sacks, 12 hurries and five pass breakups.

“He can do so many things,” Fulmer said. “He can block, he can catch. He became a defensive linemen for us this year in game 5. He played nose guard and did a great job. (In college), he could maybe be a DE, inside linebacker, outside linebacker, tight end, fullback or H-back.”


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