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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Junior Tufuga Alaska Defensive POY

On a team loaded with defensive studs, none stood taller than Junior Tufuga, whose dominant play in the middle of Bartlett's 4-3 defense helped the Golden Bears roll to seven consecutive victories to end the year, including a 21-3 win over Chugiak in Saturday's state championship game. Bartlett led the large-schools division in defense, allowing fewer than 10 points a game.

"He was a big difference-maker," Bartlett coach John Jessen said. "I don't think we'd have been able to do what we did without him."

Tufuga made several game-changing plays during the second half of Saturday's championship game, once by bringing down a Chugiak running back with a one-handed tackle on fourth-and-one, and later by recovering a fumble that led to Bartlett's final score.

Jessen said that after watching the game on tape, he has an even greater appreciation for Tufuga's skills.

"That guy was just everywhere," Jessen said. "He has a nose for the football."

2009 Alaska State Football Association

All-State Football Team

Large Schools

Offensive Player of the Year: Justin Kauffman, Sr., QB, West

Defensive Player of the Year: Junior Tufuga, Sr., LB, Bartlett

Lineman of the Year: Dylon Short, Sr., C, South

Coach of the Year: Tim Davis, West, and Rich Sjoroos, Juneau

Assistant Coach of the Year: James Watson, North Pole

First-team offense

Center -- Dylon Short, Sr., South. Guards -- Jacob Wert, Sr., Chugiak; Chris Wentland, Sr., North Pole; Eric Sele, Sr., Juneau. Tackles -- Jacob Eisses, Jr., West; Wes Jansen, Sr., Palmer; Buzzy Hotch, Sr., Juneau. Tight end -- Lawrence Fenumiai, Sr., Juneau. Wide receivers -- Michael Sharp, Sr., West; Caleb Holley, Sr., East. Quarterback -- Lee Jones, Sr., North Pole. Fullback -- Jamal Hale, Sr., Bartlett. Running backs -- Cyrus Chenault, Sr., Bartlett; Greg Ghramm, Jr., Chugiak; Brennan Bohman, Sr., Palmer; Mathew Maka, Jr., Juneau.

First-team defense

Defensive ends -- Interior linemen -- Lyndon Tulimaselii, Jr., West; Lawrence Fenumiai, Sr., Juneau.P.J. Tito, Sr., West; Troy Masalosalo, Sr., Bartlett; Shane Duque, Sr., Colony; Buzzy Hotch, Sr., Juneau. Linebackers -- Wes Rabung, Sr., Chugiak; David Solomona, Sr., West; Joe Sokimi, Sr., Service; Junior Tufuga, Sr., Bartlett; Ben McGraw, Sr., Colony; Jack Perkins, Sr., Juneau. Defensive backs -- Jordan Blount O'Connor, Sr., Bartlett; Erik Moore, Sr., Chugiak; Jared Isaacson, Sr., North Pole; Matt Jaronik, Sr., Colony. Kicker -- Bryan Maley, Jr., Chugiak. Punter -- Brennan Bohman, Sr., Palmer. Kick Returner -- Lucas Cosgriff, Sr., Service. Punt returner -- Matt Jaronik, Sr., Colony. Long snapper -- Blake Mitchell, Sr., Lathrop.

Second-team offense

Center -- Ray Shoemaker, Soph., West Valley. Guards -- Jared Kinney, Jr., Chugiak; Tyler Denman, Sr., South; Dakota Wainwright, Jr., Colony. Tackles -- Shawn George, Sr., Service; Ben Kozak, Sr., Eagle River; Stephen Bezousek, Sr., South; Trey Farber, Jr., Colony. Wide receivers -- Lucas Cosgriff, Sr., Service; Cody Pfeiffer, Sr., Wasilla; Josh Hollett, Sr., North Pole; Darrius Horton, Sr., Eagle River. Quarterback -- Justin Kauffman, Sr., West; Jeff Debrill, Sr., East. Fullbacks -- Matt Higgins, Sr., South; Jack Perkins, Sr., Juneau. Running backs -- Elliott Bauer, Jr., South; Eric Antesberger, Sr., North Pole; Brandon Comeau, Jr., West Valley.

Second-team defense

Defensive end -- Ishmael Agae, Sr., West Valley. Interior linemen -- Andy Enz, Sr., Service; David Green, Jr., Wasilla; Aaron McCauley, Sr., West Valley. Linebackers -- Trever Romo, Sr., Dimond; Justin Kauffman, Sr., West; Kasen Lehman, Sr., Eagle River; Kasen Lehman, Sr., Eagle River; Jacob Yates, Sr., Bartlett; Matt Higgins, Sr., South; Siaosi Sila, Jr., West; Alex Innes, Sr., North Pole; J.D. Mayo, Sr., Colony; Coleman Ahrens, Sr., Palmer; Lee Jones, Sr., North Pole. Defensive backs -- Mark Moeola, Jr., South; Jim McCall, Jr., Palmer; Mathew Maka, Jr., Juneau. Kicker -- Chirs Hoffman, Sr., Juneau. Punter -- Kyle Dodson, Sr., Dimond. Kick returner -- Frankie Anderson, Jr., North Pole. Long snapper -- Matt Culp, Jr., Bartlett.

Small Schools

Offensive Player of the Year -- Billy Kiefer, Sr., RB Kenai

Defensive Player of the Year -- Braden Price, Jr., LB, Soldotna

Lineman of the Year -- Donny Dormady, Kenai

Coach of the Year -- Cameron Wyatt, Homer

Assistant Coach of the Year -- Tim Johnson, Nikiski

First-team defense

Punter -- Vlad Ferderer, Skyview. Defensive backs -- Cole Jacobsen, Homer; Brando Wik, Nikiski; Charles King, Eielson. Outside linebacker -- Nick Rouswell, Kenai; Chase Jenson, Soldotna. Inside linebacker -- Braden Price, Soldotna; Kyle Rogers, Kenai. Interior lineman -- Donny Dormady, Kenai; Nathan Strieby, Soldotna; DJ Stilchen, Soldotna; Richie Ziehmer, Kenai. Utility player -- Tate Syverson, Soldotna

First-team offense

Quarterback -- A.J. Hull, Kenai. Fullback -- Chris Nolden, Soldotna. Running backs -- Braden Price, Soldotna; Billy Kiefer, Kenai. Wide receiver -- Charles King, Eielson. Tight end -- Josh Bialik, Delta, Center -- Caleb Cinerski, Seward. Guards -- Chase Jenson, Soldotna; Donny Dormady, Kenai. Tackles -- Nathan Strieby, Soldotna; Kyle Rogers, Kenai. Kicker -- Mark Walsworth, Homer. Long snapper -- Tyler McGillivary, Soldotna. Return specialist -- Billy Kiefer, Kenai

Second-team defense

Punter -- Brando Wik, Nikiski. Defensive backs -- Billy Kiefer, Kenai; Justin Hjelm, Delta; Dylon Story, Soldotna. Outside linebacker -- Bob Seater, Nikiski; Anthony Edwards, Barrow. Inside linebacker -- Nick Gavora, Monroe; Jordan Harrison, Nikiski. Interior lineman -- Tyler Peek, Nikiski; Victor Unutoa, Barrow; James Duncan, Monroe; Caleb Cinereski, Seward. Utility player -- Matt Parker, Nikiski.

Second-team offense

Quarterback -- Albert Gerke, Barrow. Fullback -- Stephen Krogseng, Nikiski. Running back -- Jacob Sprankle, Eielson; Anthony Edwards, Barrow. Wide receiver -- Bryson Lowe, Kenai. Tight end -- Garrett Bosick, Soldotna. Center -- Braden Lichty, Soldotna. Guard -- Joe Biggane, Eielson; Jordan Harrison, Nikiski. Tackle -- William Cullen, Valdez; Alistar Dunbar, Barrow. Kicker -- Sara Colvin, Eielson. Long snapper -- Colton Anderson, Nikiski. Return specialist -- Brian Schmidt, Seward.

Players of the year

The 2009 Alaska State Football Association's players of the year (as voted on by the coaches in the players' classification):

Big Schools

Offensive: Justin Kauffman, West senior quarterback

Defensive: Junior Tufuga, Bartlett senior linebacker

Small Schools

Offensive: Billy Kiefer, Kenai senior running back

Defensive: Braden Price, Soldotna junior linebacker

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