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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

High school football preview: Top 5 impact transfers Read more:

Aulelio Olomua, Red Mesa to Mesa

Arguably the most intriguing transfer this season, Olomua, a 6-foot-4, 220-pound tight end/defensive end, has a scholarship offer from Brigham Young. He had 23 sacks last season at 2A program Red Mesa, where his father coached.
Olomua's parents give their children the choice to attend any school in the state for their senior year. Olomua's brother Bristol, who is 13 years older, transferred from Ganado to Mesa Red Mountain where he caught 42 career touchdown passes. Bristol became an All-State player and later played at BYU and Texas Tech.
Aulelio Olomua, who is ranked among the top 16 players in the state by national recruiting services, said the biggest adjustment would be the heat and the pace of the game.
"The players are a lot bigger and faster," Olomua said. "I'm not really intimidated by anyone. But it's a challenge. I'd like to see how I'll do."

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