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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

2010 Alaska All State Team

West Anchorage Defensive End Lydon Tulimasealii was named state defensive player of the year. Other first team all state selections include: Dylan Afusia, Chavous Levao, Henry Loia, Paul Pedro, Iva Tuaato, Philip Fenumiai, and La Fifita. 

Alaska Coaches Association Large Schools All-State Team
Offensive Player of the Year -- Michael McCrae, Sr., RB, Service.
Defensive Player of the Year -- Lyndon Tulimasaelii, Sr., DL, West.
Lineman of the Year -- Trey Farber, Sr., Colony.
Utility Player of the Year -- Will Vealy, Sr., West Valley.
Coach of the Year -- Brian McIntosh, Colony.
Assistant Coach of the Year -- Josh Garcia, West.
First Team Defense
Defensive Backs -- Dylan Afusia, Dimond; Colby Mitchell, Chugiak; Jim McCall, Palmer; Kahlil Bolling, Service; Colin Gozelski, Juneau; Vinh Le, Juneau. Outside Linebacker -- Camden MacDowell, South; Dakota Wainwright, Colony. Inside Linebacker -- Nathan Stephens, Dimond; Josh Heidemann, South; Iva Tuaato, West; Marcus Cogley, West Valley; Lah Fifita, Juneau; Caleb Monson, Colony. Defensive Tackles -- Chavous Levao, Bartlett; Trey Farber, Colony. Defensive End -- Jared Kinney, Chugiak; Lyndon Tulimasaelii, West; Jacob Eisses, West.
Second Team Defense
Defensive Backs -- Tyler Rowles, East; J.J. Jack Nixon, Dimond; Matthew Ilalio, Service; A.J. Corbin, Palmer; Joseph Notti, West Valley. Outside Linebacker -- Thomas Hopp, South; David Clement, Palmer. Inside Linebacker -- Wayde Snell, Chugiak; Daniel Garding, Dimond; John Dennehy, South; Donzell Harris, West; David Clement, Palmer; David Green, Wasilla. Defensive Tackles -- Stephen Ellis, Service. Defensive End -- Tyler Schuster, North Pole; Justin Brooks, Juneau.
First Team Offense
Quarterback -- Jackson Buresh, Palmer; Phillip Fenumiai, Juneau; Conor Feckley, West. Fullback -- Dakota Wainright, Colony; Brandon Comeau, West Valley. Running Back -- Michael McCrae, Service; Greg Ghramm, Chugiak; Skye Rench, Colony. Wide Receiver -- J'Vonte Buster, West; Will Sharp, West; Jim McCall, Palmer; Colin Gozelski, Juneau. Tight End -- David Green, Wasilla. Center -- Henry Loia, Bartlett; Jacob Eisses, West. Guard -- Jared Kinney, Chugiak; Paul Pedro, Service. Tackle -- Ben Self, Palmer; Trey Farber, Colony; Garrett Longoria, North Pole.
Second Team Offense
Quarterback -- Kelechi Madubuko, Eagle River; Danny Grzesiuk, North Pole. Fullback -- Brody DeLoria, East; Devon Teeling, Wasilla. Running Back -- Trenton Anthony, Bartlett; Dylan Afusia, Dimond; Will Vealy, West Valley. Wide Receiver -- Nick Harris, Chugiak; Garrette Duncan, North Pole; La'Michael Fernandez, Service; Chris Holloway, Juneau. Tight End -- Vince Barnette, Lathrop. Center -- Brett Olson, Lathrop; Ray Garris Shoemaker, West Valley. Guard -- Renn Wright, Colony. Tackle -- Jeff Overbaugh, Service; Rio Stewart, Colony.
First Team Special Teams
Kicker -- Bryan Maley, Chugiak. Long Snapper -- Jeff Overbaugh, Service. Punter -- Bryan Maley, Chugiak. Return Specialist -- Kelechi Madubuko, Eagle River.
Second Team Special Teams
Kicker -- Peter Jorgensen, Juneau. Long Snapper -- Ray Shoemaker, West Valley. Punter -- Colin Gozelski, Juneau. Return Specialist -- Jim McCall, Palmer.
Alaska Coaches Association Small Schools All-State Team
Offensive Player of the Year -- Robbie Smithwick, Sr., RB, Soldotna.
Defensive Player of the Year -- Kyle Rogers, Sr., LB, Kenai.
Lineman of the Year -- Dakota Elsey, Sr., Soldotna.
Coach of the Year -- Ted Riddell, Nikiski.
Assistant Coach of the Year -- James Knabel, Soldotna.
First Team Defense
Defensive Backs -- Pat Brown, Eielson; Colton Anderson, Nikiski; Albert White, Skyview; AJ Hull, Kenai. Outside Linebacker -- Garrett Bosick, Soldotna; Stephen Hartly, Nikiski. Inside Linebacker -- Tate Syverson, Soldotna; Kyle Rogers, Kenai; Kaden Spurgeon, Nikiski. Interior Linemen -- Tyler Peek, Nikiski; Dakota Elsey, Soldotna; Tyler Marcuson, Soldotna; Richie Ziehmer, Kenai. Utility Player -- Jake Kendall, Valdez. Punter -- Robbie Smithwick, Soldotna.
Second Team Defense
Defensive Backs -- Dan Ellis, Monroe; Robin Glosser, Homer. Outside Linebacker -- Taylor Downs, Homer; Zeck Ellingson, Eielson. Inside Linebacker -- Nate Samuela, Barrow. Interior Linemen -- Alex Rodriguez, Skyview; Christian Duffy, Valdez; Devin Fry, Eielson; Erich Pili, Barrow. Utility Player -- Cody Shealy, Homer. Punter -- Beau Crosby, Seward.
First Team Offense
Quarterback -- A.J. Hull, Kenai. Fullback -- Phil Bennett, Soldotna. Running Back -- Robbie Smithwick, Soldotna; Howard Smith, Eielson. Wide Receiver -- Albert White, Skyview. Tight End -- Scot Delauder, Eielson. Center -- Tyler Marcuson, Soldotna. Guard -- Dakota Elsey, Soldotna; Kyle Rogers, Kenai. Tackle -- David Anthony Lopez, Soldotna; Devin Fry, Eielson. Kicker -- Robbie Smithwick, Soldotna. Long Snapper -- Jake Debaur, Delta. Return Specialist -- Albert White, Skyview.
Second Team Offense
Quarterback -- Pat Brown, Eielson. Fullback -- Stephen Krogsend, Nikiski. Running Back -- Kai Risung, Kenai; Kaden Spurgeon, Nikiski. Wide Receiver -- Chris Lowe, Valdez. Tight End -- Alex Nason, Kenai. Center -- Garret Corsen, Nikiski. Guard -- Allan Oskolkoff, Nikiski; Brian Robertson, Eielson. Tackle -- Todd Kruger, Kenai; Lincoln Johnson, Nikiski. Kicker -- Sam Taylor, Nikiski. Long Snapper -- Tyler Marcuson, Soldotna. Return Specialist -- Chad Fellman, Delta.

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