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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lyndon Tulimasaelii CIC Defensive Player of the Year

West (Anchorage) defensive end Lyndon Tulimasaelii was named the Cook Inlet Conference Defensive Player of the Year.
The Lineman of the Year award was shared by Service's Paul Pedro and Chugiak's Jared Kinney. Service's Amu Aukusitino cashed in as Utility Player of the Year
Five players garnered first-team awards on a couple of fronts. Dimond's Dylan Afusia was honored at running back and defensive back.
Cook Inlet Conference Football
Offensive player of the year - Greg Ghramm, senior, Chugiak, and Michael McCrae, senior, Service.
Defensive player of the year - Lyndon Tulimasaelii, senior, West.
Linemen of the year - Jared Kinney, senior, Chugiak, and Paul Pedro, senior, Service.
Utility player of the year - Amu Aukusitino, sophomore, Service.
Coach of the year - Chris Borst, Dimond.
Assistant coach of the year - Josh Garcia, West.
First team
Quarterback - Kelechi Madubuko, junior, Eagle River; Conor Feckley, soph, West.
Running back - Trenton Anthony, junior, Bartlett; Greg Ghramm, senior, Chugiak; Dylan Afusia, senior, Dimond; Michael McCrae, senior, Service; Brody DeLoria, junior, East.
Receivers - Nick Harris, senior, Chugiak; J'Vonte Buster, senior, West; Will Sharp, senior, West; LaMichael Fernandez, senior, Service.
Offensive line - Paul Pedro, senior, Service; Jared Kinney, senior, Chugiak; Jeff Overbaugh, junior, Service; Jacob Eisses, senior, West; Henry Loia, junior, Bartlett.
Linemen - Chavous Levao, senior, Bartlett; Jared Kinney, senior, Chugiak; Jacob Eisses, senior, West; Lyndon Tulimasaelii, senior, West; Stephan Ellis, junior, Service.
Defensive backs - Colby Mitchell, senior, Chugiak; Tyler Rowles, junior, East; Dylan Afusia, senior, Dimond; JJ Jack-Nixon, senior, Dimond; Kahlil Bolling, senior, Service; Matthew Ilalio, sophomore, Service.
Linebacker - Wayde Snell, senior, Chugiak; Nathan Stephens, junior, Dimond; Daniel Garding, senior, Dimond; Josh Heidemann, senior, South; Camden MacDowell, senior, South; Thomas Hopp, sophomore, South; John Dennehy, senior, South; Donzell Harris, senior, West; Iva Tuaato, senior, West.
Special teams
Kicker - Bryan Maley, senior, Chugiak. Long snapper - Jeff Overbaugh, junior, Service. Punter - Bryan Maley, senior, Chugiak. Return specialist - Kelechi Madubuko, junior, Eagle River.
Quarterback - Logan Johnston, senior, Chugiak.
Running back - Coyan Grant, senior, East; Elliott Bauer, senior, South; Armani Tufaga, sophomore, Dimond; Mark Cox, junior, Bartlett.
Linemen - Paul Boyden, senior, Chugiak; Kody Trombley, junior, Chugiak.
Receivers - Colby Mitchell, senior, Chugiak; Ryden Hines, junior, Dimond; Alan Busey, junior, Service; Dahmir Bell, senior, West.
Linebacker - Brandon Weikert, senior, Bartlett; Daniel Murakami, junior, Service; Josh Craig, senior, West; Beau Romine, senior, West.
Linemen - Josh Plumb, senior, Chugiak; Charles Cox, senior, Chugiak; Tyler Blessie, senior, Eagle River.
Defensive backs - Quentin Hill, senior, Service; Ivan Escalante, junior, Service; Dante Williams, sophomore, South; Dahmir Bell, senior, West.
Special teams
Kicker - Alcides Thomas, junior, Dimond.

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