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Friday, October 08, 2010

One more time for Week 8 MVPs

The American Samoa High School Athletic Association’s football season, Week# 8, closes to head into the playoff’s for our Junior Varsity Division match ups, which start tonight at the Veteran’s Memorial Stadium. Also concluding Week# 8 is the selection of our two Most Valuable Players of the Week for both Varsity and Junior Varsity Division.

These two athletes are among the finest high school players we have here on island for the 2010 football season: They were both titled as top players for Week #4 of ASHAA football, so neither is new to the title.

In the Varsity Division, we have Leone High School’s Risati Mapu, who is coming back for the third time this year, to be the MVP of the Week for the Varsity Division, while Fagaitua High School’s Aloese Su’a is recording his second time as MVP of the Week for the JV Division this season.


Leading the Lions to victory last weekend was starting runningback Risati Mapu, who wears #1 on the field for the Lions.

Risati recorded two touchdowns against the Stallions, as he lead them to victory in their second meeting with Kanana Fou. He is also captain of the team, earning his respect on the football field.

The 17- year old hails from the village of Vailoa, and he is currently a senior at the Home of the Lions. Earlier this year, Risati was selected to the American Samoa All Star team, which played against Australia in the Samoa Bowl. The 5’10” 187lb Mapu, is the son of Neemia and Mata of Vailoa, and a native of American Samoa.

Samoa News asked Mapu how he felt, when he found out that he was the MVP again, for the third time this season.

“I am very surprised”, said Mapu. “I am certain that I feel very blessed. I cherish this moment with thanks to everyone in my life, and I will always be humble nevertheless. I would like to challenge my whole team to push harder... I know most of you can come to deserve this honor, and I thank you for helping me achieve it.”

He added, “I can’t believe this is my third time being MVP of the week, but I know there are also more players on our team who deserve this title, so this one goes out to all the Lions out there, whereever you’re at, this award is going out to all of you, especially my teammates.”

His goal for this season is to bring the championship title back home: “Like I said before, and time and time again, this is where the gold belongs, and that’s the main goal for myself and the whole team for this season, to bring back the title to the Home of the Lions.”

Mapu strives to accomplish his goals in life as he looks forward to attending college, and trying to make it big.

“Keeping focused in school in order for me to play good on the football field, with no regrets of failing grades, then God willing, I want to make it to the big leagues, to represent my family, my village, my school, my home of American Samoa.”

Along with his praises, are his humble words of appreciation: “I will never see myself being selfish against my teammates or others because of this title, and for that I first want to thank my whole team. From the oldest player to the youngest on the squad, thank you for never giving up in our last game against Tafuna. My offensive line, your strength and patience has lead us to victory”.

Mapu added, “I would also like to thank my coaches, head coach Pati Pati, and the rest of the Lions coaching unit— thank you for pushing me in practice, and for forcing me to play hard, now I sit with the pride that you have given me. To the Lion supporters, thank you for your faith and prayers, and last but not least, to my parents. Thank you Mom and Dad for never doubting me, and for always coming to my games, to encourage the skills I have, and to motivate me to play harder.”

JV MVP: ALOESE SU’A #20  Fagaitua Vikings

Runningback/LinebackerJunior Varsity MVP of the Week is Aloese Su’a, who sports No. 20 on the field for the Fagaitua High School Vikings.

This is the second time Aloese has been named an ASHSAA MVP of this year’s football season. He is a sophomore at the Home of the Vikings.

During their previous game against the Samoana Sharks, their second meeting of the season, Aloese scored three touchdowns, leading his team to victory.

The 15-year old running back hails from the village of Sailele, and is the son of Pola and Vaititi Su’a of Sailele. He is a youth member of the EFKAS Sailele church.

The 5’9” 169 lbs running back was speechless when Samoa News notified him yesterday that he had once again earned the JV MVP of the Week honor for the second time.

“I have no words to explain how happy I am, but I will stay humble, and accept this golden title, as it is very hard to work for,” said Aloese.

He says that his main goal for this season, is to bring the ASHSAA JV championship title home to the Star of East.

“My mind is set to that goal, and I am pretty sure that this is the main goal for my whole team, to bring that championship trophy back here, to the Home of the Vikings,” he said.

Aloese says that his future goal is to play in the National Football League.

“After High School, I am looking forward to a college opportunity, to where ever life takes me, and when I am there, I will work hard while I have the open chance to the big leagues,” he said.

Aloese says his role model is his father.

“I’m inspired by my father and his hard work. He has encouraged me throughout all these years of my life to work hard,” Aloese said. “So when I am in that backfield looking to run the ball, I think of him…”

Aloese extends his thanks to all who have helped him in his young football career.

“My coaches, for all the training we have gone together with along this year, and I would also like to thank my team for their hard effort in practice and on the field,” he said. “I would also like to thank my parents, for all their support and all their prayers, and faith in me and my team.”

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