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Friday, December 17, 2010

Baylor commit Nila Kasitati thankful for opportunity to play in America

Nila Kasitati cannot be happier to help his team.
Head coach Steve Lineweaver described as a tight end-offensive tackle hybrid, and at 6-4, 247, that skill set benefits the Trinity ground game, which depends on linemen who can pull and get upfield.
And Kasitati has helped Trinity with his play in the passing game this season, saving his second career multi-catch game and his first career touchdown for the Trojans' 41-40 thriller over Coppell.
It was he, in fact, who caught a reverse pass for 25 yards on 4th and 2 to set Trinity up for its game-winning touchdown late in the game.
But for Kasitati just having the opportunity to play for Trinity is a blessing.
The senior came to Trinity two years ago from American Samoa and, in a short period of time, has become a key contributor on the football team and a Division I prospect.
The Baylor commit said that may not have been possible had he stayed in the Samoan Islands.
"We don't have coaches like this where their job is actually to coach," he said. "We had volunteers.
"Over there they told us just to go block this person - over here they tell us block this person, but you have to take these specific steps in order to block him."
Kasitati said the equipment was not as good either and that he is grateful to be here where there are greater opportunities.
And with a Division I scholarship and one win away from a second straight state title, Kasitati said everything about here feels good.
"The coaching, the teammates over here, everything's good over here," he said.
"Coming from somewhere like that is a big blessing and an opportunity. I'm fortunate to be here, so I'm happy."

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