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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Drake Tofi Monterey Trail

Article on Monterey Trail's (Elk Grove, CA) Drake Tofi who recently played in the AIGA Foundation Polynesian All American Classic.

January 26, 2011  
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Drake Tofi has been selected as one of the fifty national Players of the Year sponsored by Old Spice.  This is in recognition of his commitment to excellence on the field and in the classroom.  If you know Drake, you know what kind of a student and player he is.  We are lucky to have had him as part of the Mustang family for the last 4 years.
The following is an interview  by Davina Vo with Drake about this honor:
Davina: How does it feel to be a part of Old Spice’s National Top 50 High School Football Players?
Drake: It is a very, very great humbling honor.  For me to get this award is not just a statement of myself, but a statement of the team I’ve been with. And it goes to show how far we have come as a group. And for me to get this award is just me representing my team as a whole.
Davina: So I understand you just came back from playing in a football game called the Poly Bowl.
Drake: It was a Polynesian All-American game where we gathered up the nation’s best Samoan and Tongan football players.
Davina:  Did your team win?
Drake: No, we lost.
Davina: How was it as an experience?
Drake: It was real good. It gave me a college life experience and being away from family because it was in Los Angeles.

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