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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Utah's love of rugby runs deep

Dave Smyth is a pleasant enough bloke: a kind, humble native of Ireland who came to America in the 1980s as an LDS Missionary to California. After his mission he returned to the U.S. from the Emerald Isle to play rugby at BYU.
Smyth now coaches BYU rugby and his 15-0 Cougars play will challenge favored 26-0 Cal-Berkeley Saturday night at 7 p.m. at Rio Tinto Stadium for the collegiate national championship.
Smyth respects the game. He respects what his players will get into on Saturday. He hopes fans appreciates the artistry of the sport, which will be center stage this weekend.
Smyth salutes the Bears with as sincere platitudes he can muster. He speaks of Cal in reverent overtones. He knows it is possible for his troops to get rattled just thinking about the Bears, who defeated Utah 62-14 last week. He calls Cal, whose first sport 130 years ago was rubgy, the Royal Royce of rugby.


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