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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Saying ‘Uncle’ Isn’t On Tau’s Mind In Hawai’i

Release: 09/01/2011  Courtesy: B.G. Brooks, Contributing Editor

BOULDER – A handful of Colorado football players will be able to visit with family and friends in their home state for a couple of days before the Buffaloes open on Saturday in Hawai’i.
But on game day, one of the Buffs – senior guard Sione Tau – will be able to spot his uncle prowling the opposite sideline.
This relative is, ah, hard to miss.
Tau’s uncle is Vili The Warrior, a rambunctious, bare-chested Tongan who wears ferocious face paint and frequently pounds a drum (and, pay attention Chip, occasionally other mascots) during University of Hawai’i athletic events.
Without benefit of having a family tree to leaf through a couple of days ago when we talked, here’s how Tau explained his relationship to Vili The Warrior, as well as some of Vili’s other vital stats:
“My grandmother on my mom’s side and his mother are first cousins. I call him ‘Uncle Vili.’ I don’t know his age (probably late 30s, early 40s), but he looks young; he’s kept himself in pretty good shape. My mom talks to his wife, Linda, sometimes. That’s how my family keeps in contact with him.”


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