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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Tauas teach

Vai Taua is a former AIGA Foundation camp participant and was on the annual AIGA Foundation poster.


There may not be a family on the Central Coast with more football knowledge than the Tauas.
That knowledge and experience was on full display at Huyck Stadium in Lompoc this weekend.
Vai Taua, the former Cabrillo High School running back who went on to star at the University of Nevada, held his first football camp Saturday, geared toward youth players.
More than 100 campers showed up to run through the various drills and gain the knowledge from a guy who also played in the National Football League.
Vai Taua was joined by his father Tee Taua, and younger brothers Ainuu and Toa Taua, to help organize the campers and demonstrate the drills.
Football is a Taua family tradition. Tee was the team captain at Cabrillo and played at Hancock. Another son, Uso Taua, recently played at Righetti and at Hancock before a neck injury ended his career.
Taua said it really wasn’t important how many kids showed up, just as long as everyone learned to improve as an athlete.
“If one kid gets better — as long as one kid gets better I’ll be happy,” Taua said. “That’s really what I’m judging this off of.”
But the camp wasn’t just for boys who play football. Nearly 10 girls also participated in the drills.
“Rylee Sager, she’s a freshman (at Lompoc) who played on the varsity softball team,” Taua said, “she’s just out here wanting to get better. She doesn’t care if boys are out here. If people are getting faster she wants to get faster. I like that.”


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