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Friday, March 17, 2006

St Louis Rams Website: Pisa Tinoisamoa

Something from the Rams Official Website

Choppin’ It Up with Pisa

By Pisa Tinoisamoa
Special to

Linebacker Pisa Tinoisamoa has been “chopping up” offenses for the past three years, leading the Rams in tackling during that span with a total of 400 tackles. This offseason, Pisa stopped to “chop it up” with, talking about and array of topics including free agency, the new defensive coaches and what he as been doing in the offseason. Free agency has finally started. What about the league agreeing on the collective bargaining agreement?

PT: Finally, huh? I appreciate, first of all, the owners helping me get into my contract, making sure that I read the language. I heard a lot of stuff. I have to learn about how all this stuff works out, the business of this game. I heard some good things. Paul Taglibue stood up and said some good things. From what I’m reading, I learned a lot and I appreciate all of that. Plus, it’s good for the league. The salary cap will keep the competitiveness in the NFL.

PT: Right, because I was up next year. That’s right, you would have had to wait two more years to become an unrestricted free agent if they did not get the deal done.

PT: Exactly, and I didn’t know that going into these negotiations, so I didn’t care too much about it. As I started to learn more, I was like, ‘Wait, you guys have to get this deal done.’ I signed a four-year contract so I would have tried to sue them myself. Nah, but I’m happy. It’s good for the game, it’s good for the fans, and it’s good for my family. The Rams got out early and got La’Roi Glover. You think that he is going to be a good addition to the defense?

PT: Oh, yeah. I think that he is going to help. With him, you are going to get a good up-field rush, you know that, from a three-technique. I think that it is going to help Leonard Little. Last year, all they were doing was sliding to Leonard Little. The O-line would just slide to Leonard Little. Now you can’t slide. You got La’Roi Glover standing in there. He’s going to get up the field. The quarterback is going to get flushed either way. Then you either got Tony Hargrove or Leonard Little in his face. It’s going to be a big contribution and I’m excited. Who would you like to see the Rams get in free agency?

PT: I want Adam Archuleta back. I want Ryan Pickett back. I want Damione Lewis back. I want everyone who was back from last year, because last year everybody was talking about us. My own family wouldn’t call me, not even to leave messages on my phone. It was sad. Guys like Ryan, guys like Archuleta, they deserve it. They work so hard through thick and thin, and now that time is coming. So I want them to share the fruits of what is going on in the Rams organization this year. So, I wish that we could get our same players back. So got a chance to talk to Coach Jim Haslett and the other defensive coaches?

PT: Yeah, actually I got to hear Haslett talk about how good he was at Pittsburgh, but I put in my highlight tape when I was with him. We pretty much interviewed each other, but it’s a good deal. I like him a lot. You can expect a lot of good things from us right now. We went out, did the homework and brought in a good D-coordinator. Not knocking (Larry) Marmie, because I love that guy with my heart and will play with him until the end, but new blood is good at times, so I think that it is going to happen. Have you talked to Coach Joe Vitt?

PT: I don’t need to talk to Joe Vitt. I know my man is doing well. He is someone that I don’t even worry about. One thing that you know about Joe Vitt, from being around him so much, is that if he went off and didn’t call me for years, I would still know that he is alright. I worked the Pro Bowl this year and when the people of Hawaii found out that I worked for the Rams, all they wanted to talk about was Pisa Tinoisamoa. Did you know that you were still a hit in the 50th state?

PT: Man, they showed me so much love. A lot of people didn’t want me because, like you said, I got in trouble in high school, but June Jones, and the state of Hawaii accepted me. It was a lot of controversy when I was going to go there. ‘Should we take a guy who is getting in trouble? Should we give him a chance?’ Some people thought no, but June Jones got to know me, got to know my family and see what I was all about, and as they say the rest is history. But I really appreciate the people in Hawaii. They send me Macadamian nuts every year. I got a lot of love for them. I feel responsible to get back to Hawaii and represent in the Pro Bowl. What have you been doing this offseason?

PT: Getting right. Trying to build me a foundation, as far as getting my football strength up there. Trying to get better shape. Trying to last throughout this year. I’m not trying to have any excuse when that time comes. From the first snap in the preseason, to the Super Bowl, I am going to be there. They can count on me. So, I have just been trying to get right and make sure that I stay focused.

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