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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Riverside Arlington RB/LB Chris Sautia

Running back Chris Sautia had to sit out his junior season at Arlington after transferring from La Sierra, but he is enjoying himself this season.

A year off left the Arlington running back hungry

HIGHLY MOTIVATEDSautia transferred from La Sierra to Arlington after his sophomore year, which forced him to miss his junior year due to CIF transfer rules. Though he couldn't practice or play with his new teammates, he hit the weight room and returned for his senior season stronger than ever.

QUICK LEARNERWhile sitting out last season, Sautia joined his teammates after practice to learn the complex Arlington playbook and its wing-T offense, which was different from the spread offense he was running at La Sierra. "I put in time and dedication," Sautia said.

WHAT'S IN A NAME?Sautia knows the year layoff hurt his college chances, but he's determined to pick up the slack this season. "I would always want my junior year back, especially for college," Sautia said. "A lot of people don't know me. I'm trying to do all I can this year. The way I look at it, you have to make yourself known."

BASEBALL STARAs a freshman, Sautia made the varsity baseball team at La Sierra, so when he enrolled at Arlington, he already had two years of experience in the Ivy League. "I'm kind of an in-between player," the outfielder said. "I can run. I have power. I can hit line drives. Some days I can hit the home runs."

ISLAND PARADISEAmong Sautia's top college choices: Hawaii. "I have a lot of family out there," said Sautia, whose father is half Samoan. "It would be a good fit."

SHINING EXAMPLEArlington coach Pat McCarthy said Sautia has already become a leader on the field, and not just because of his gaudy numbers (424 yards rushing on 60 attempts). "He knows he's a role model for the young kids," McCarthy said. "Every single drill we do, he's at full speed. That's not common, to be honest with you."

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