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Monday, December 11, 2006

William Tukuafu verbals to Oregon

Mesa CC (Arizona) Defensive Lineman William Tukuafu has apparently changed his verbal committment from Arizona to Oregon. Tukuafu is sitting out this season and completing his AA at Scottsdale CC (AZ).

Tukuafu has a change of heart
Sean Stevens
Mesa (Ariz.) Community College four-star defensive end William Tukuafu delivered a verbal commitment to Arizona in late November, however other schools continued to recruit him after his decision. Oregon was among the schools courting the 6-foot-5, 275-pounder. Tukuafu has changed his mind. Duck Sports Authority found out where he'll be spending the rest of his college years.
"Yeah that's right," he said of his commitment to Oregon. "Nothing really happened, Arizona didn't really sit too good with me after I committed and I just really felt good about Oregon so I just went with my feelings. I'll be going to Oregon."

Tukuafu said that his change of heart had nothing to do with the Arizona coaches.

"Nothing really happened; it's just how I felt inside about it. That's it," he told us.

One got the impression in earlier conversations with Tukuafu that the Arizona schools held an advantage due to his living in the Grand Canyon State. However, Tukuafu said he'll be heading to Oregon by himself and his family is supportive of his choice.

"They're fine with the decision. They're all happy."

Tukuafu delivered his commitment to the Oregon staff this past week.

"They're excited for me to come up there and play for them," he said. "I talked to them this whole week, different coaches. I told them Wednesday and they were excited."

The Arizona coaching staff has also been made aware of his switch.

"I talked to them on Thursday. They're fine," said Tukuafu. "They're disappointed, but they just said good luck and I just have to do what I want to do."

Tukuafu – recently ranked by as the No. 7 junior college player in the nation at all positions – will be in Eugene for spring football.

"I graduate actually (Dec.) 15," he said. "Tuesday is my last day, and then I head up there January 6."

As with most junior college recruits, Tukuafu expects to see the field early.

"They said that the chances are great," he told us. "They're looking for me to come in as a starter. I'm excited about the opportunity."

He told us that this is his final decision. He won't be taking any more trips.

"No visits," he said. "This is where I'm going."

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