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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Cottonwood's defense stifles Spartans

MURRAY — When Cottonwood High School's 47-0 victory over Murray was over, you would expect the talk would be about the Colts' offense.

Nope. This Region 6 opener had a bigger story.

It was the Colts defense, anchored by linebacker Lynn Katoa, that held the Spartans to just 40 yards. It was so dominating that 22 of Murray's 35 plays resulted in no yardage or losses. The Colts also blocked a field goal, a punt and intercepted a pass.

"I would hate to have to play our defense," said Cottonwood coach Cecil Thomas, whose team is now 4-0 overall. "They were very active. They like to fly around."

That seemed to be an understatement.

In reality, Murray's offense had no chance, and this is with an offense that has three lineman who weigh in at 280 pounds or more.

With the exception of a first-half fumble return by Eric White that gave the Spartans the ball at Cottonwood's 17-yard line, there was little for the team's fans to cheer about.

The Spartans' lone touchdown hope was denied when Katoa and Mike Demkov sacked quarterback Preston Hill on third-and-goal. Then, on the next play, White's field goal attempt was swatted 30 yards backward by Katoa.

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