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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Honolulu Star Bulletin: 2007 All State Football Team

Galaxy of stars

There was no slowing down Damien’s Bailey or Punahou’s Te‘o this season

Once upon a time, there were two boys who ran and ran and ran.

One boy, Kama Bailey, grew up to run for 2,098 yards and 22 touchdowns in a single football season. His team, the Damien Monarchs, blocked left and right and up the middle for their humble scholar-athlete, and he became the Star-Bulletin offensive player of the year.

The other boy, Manti Te'o, ran so much that his father would time him every day at Pop Warner practice. A mile a day, his daddy would say, would make the quarterbacks go away. Manti grew up to become a carnivorous linebacker for the Punahou Buffanblu, and as a junior, he was voted by coaches and sportswriters as the Star-Bulletin defensive player of the year.

But perhaps the most gratifying honor of all was saved for Leilehua and its coaches. After struggling for part of the season, Nolan Tokuda told his team to focus less on wins and losses ... and just have fun. Tokuda's team, following his not-so-common example of discipline and unconditional love, went on to give Leilehua its first state football championship.

One boy put on the pads for the Palama Scorpions at age 8, dreaming of the kind of speed he saw every day as cars roared by on the H-1 freeway.

The other also put on his first helmet at 8, but for the Koolauloa Red Raiders on the pastures of the faraway North Shore.

Coaches and media don't see the little boys in Kama Bailey and Manti Te'o. They see the Star-Bulletin All-State football offensive and defensive players of the year.

Though he had 80 fewer attempts this year, Bailey rushed for a single-season state record 2,098 yards and 22 touchdowns despite an immense bull's eye on the chest of his purple jersey.

"He has great speed and explosiveness," Punahou coach Kale Ane said. "He got a lot faster, stronger, has good hands, took direct snaps, threw the ball, caught the ball."

Bailey's unique ability to wiggle away from the clutches of tackles and ends was a big reason why he averaged 10.9 yards per carry.

The Scorpion still resides inside. "I wasn't the slowest guy, but not the fastest. I used to joke around a lot," Bailey said of his six years at Palama. "I still joke around now and have fun, but I also listen."

Damien coach Brian Derby will miss Bailey. "Kama is one of the best true, natural-ability runners that I have seen as long as I have been playing or coaching in Hawaii, the mainland or Japan. He is blessed with God's gift. Most importantly he practices hard every day," Derby said.

By the slimmest of margins, Bailey outpointed another standout senior, quarterback Micah Mamiya of Saint Louis, for the top offensive honor.

Te'o, a speedy 6-foot-2, 230-pound junior, had all the numbers of a great stopper: 92 tackles, nine sacks, three forced fumbles and two fumble recoveries. More than that, voters recognized his impact all over the field. His prey rarely got away.

"He's an explosive football player, always around the ball, great instincts," Saint Louis coach Delbert Tengan said. "Unfortunately, for us, he's only a junior."

All the years of training under his father, Brian, at Koolauloa didn't hurt. "He's the best player I've seen in forever," Buffanblu coach Kale Ane said. "He's the closest thing to perfection and he makes everyone else better. He demands a lot of himself at practice and though we didn't win (the ILH title), he never blames anyone else."

Leilehua's playmaking linebacker, Robert Siavii, was a solid second in the voting for top defensive honors.

Nolan Tokuda of Leilehua was voted coach of the year after the Mules captured their first state football crown. He credited his assistants for the honor: Jon Acohido, Tui Alailima, Ed Kama, Jake Kawabata, Esmond Kilaulani, Mark Kurisu, Darrin Matsumiya, Jon Morikawa, Len Nakasone, Pat San Nicolas, Burt Souza, Richard Townsend and Al Viloria.

Coach of the Year

Nolan Tokuda
Led Mules to a surprise state championship.

First Team Offense

Tui Tuiasosopo
Sr. OL, Saint Louis
Ht: 6-1. Wt: 292.
"I think he was our best lineman this year."
-- Delbert Tengan

Mykenna Ikehara
Sr. OL, Kamehameha
Ht: 6-3. Wt: 282.
"Very strong and he had that nastiness you need ... on the offensive line."
-- Brian Derby

Benji Kemoeatu
Sr. OL, Kahuku
Ht: 6-4. Wt: 320.
"Big and strong kid. Has good feet for someone with his size."
-- Brian Derby

Mana Greig
Jr. OL, Saint Louis
Ht: 5-10. Wt: 280.
"Quiet but effective type of player. He plays hard, has good technique and has good feet."
-- Brian Derby

Solomon Koehler
Jr. OL, Castle
Ht: 6-2. Wt: 305.
"He's a beast. Motor's always running."
-- Nolan Tokuda

Robbie Toma
Jr. WR, Punahou
Ht: 5-10. Wt: 153.
35 receptions, 822 yards, 11 touchdowns.

Micah Mamiya
Sr. QB, Saint Louis
Ht: 6-1. Wt: 292.
Passed for 2,267 yards, 25 touchdowns and only 6 interceptions. Also ran for eight scores.

Edieson Dumlao
Jr. WR, Leilehua
Ht: 5-10. Wt: 190.
53 receptions, 709 yards, 11 touchdowns.

Lionel Fujioka
Sr. WR, Iolani
Ht: 5-10. Wt: 140.
57 receptions, 927 yards, 11 touchdowns

Colin Lund
Sr. K, Mililani
Ht: 5-11. Wt: 183.
"What a leg, one of the best legs I've ever seen. He's money, two big kicks against us."
-- Nolan Tokuda

Kama Bailey
Sr. RB, Damien
Ht: 5-9. Wt: 160.
2,098 yards, 10.9 per carry, 22 touchdowns.

Justin Paderes
Jr. RB, Kaimuki
Ht: 5-5. Wt: 150.
Ran for 242 yards in OIA White title game.

Lake Casco
Sr. all-purpose, Lahainaluna
Ht: 5-9. Wt: 160.
5 interceptions, one touchdown; rushed for 310 yards (10 yards per attempt) and five touchdowns.

First Team Defense

Aaron Tipoti
Sr. DE, Pac-Five
Ht: 6-2, 250.
"What an athlete. Can play both inside and outside. Aaron runs well and will hit your lights out."
-- Brian Derby

Ryan Eastman
Sr. DT, Saint Louis
Ht: 6-0. Wt: 260.
"I'd put the letter 'B' in front of that. He's a beastman. Motor always running."
-- Nolan Tokuda

Geordon Hanohano
Sr. DT, Saint Louis
Ht: 6-2. Wt: 270.
"Geordon's tough. Quick, smart, pursues the ball well."
-- Kale Ane

J.J. Autele
Sr. DT, Punahou
Ht: 6-1. Wt: 231.
"Why couldn't we run the football? He's the reason why."
-- Nolan Tokuda

Manti Te'o
Jr. LB, Punahou
Ht: 6-2. Wt: 230.
92 tackles, 9 sacks, 2 recoveries and 3 forced fumbles. "He's an explosive football player."
-- Delbert Tengan

Robert Siavii
Sr. LB, Leilehua
Ht: 6-2. Wt: 200.
"Strong enough to cover the TE but quick enough to cover a slot in a four-wide."
-- Delbert Tengan

Paipai Falemalu
Sr. LB, Kahuku
Ht: 6-4. Wt: 215.
"On defense, he's always around the ball. Great instinct player."
-- Delbert Tengan

Christian Vasconcellos
Sr. CB, Damien
Ht: 6-2. Wt: 190.
"Big kid at DB at 6-2, 190. Runs well, jumps well."
-- Brian Derby

Shiloah Te'o
Sr. S, Kahuku
Ht: 5-11. Wt: 195.
"They made him a rover so he could be in all the action."
-- Kale Ane

Manoa Latu
Sr. S, Saint Louis
Ht: 6-0. Wt: 170.
"I call him the 'Hit Man.' He'll fly at anything that moves. Anchor of the secondary."
-- Nolan Tokuda

Jordan Gomes
Sr. CB Kamehameha
Ht: 5-10. Wt:165.
"He's a hard-nosed player. Plays good man-to- man coverage."
--Brian Derby

Rico Newman
Jr. P, Leilehua
Ht: 5-11. Wt: 195.
"There wasn't a punter in the state capable of doing what he did."
-- Delbert Tengan

Tamatoa DeMello
Sr. R, Saint Louis
Ht: 5-8. Wt: 170.
"He's a guy who doesn't want to fair catch, just goes north and south."
-- Delbert Tengan

Second-, Third-team Selections

Selected by coaches and media
Offensive Player of the Year: Kama Bailey, Damien, running back
Defensive Player of the Year: Manti Te'o, Punahou, linebacker
Coach of the Year: Nolan Tokuda, Leilehua


Second Team
Pos Name

Ht Wt Yr
OL Gabriel Fernandez Pac-Five
6-1 250 Sr.
OL Daniel Kinikini
6-3 293 Sr.
OL Sean Tesoro
6-3 285 Sr.
OL Anthony Siilata
6-2 305 Sr.
OL Sunia Vaitai
6-3 300 Sr.
WR Billy Stutzmann
Saint Louis 6-0 150 Jr.
WR Lucas Gonsalves Saint Louis 5-8 155 Jr.
WR Dalaunte Stevenson Mililani
6-2 185 So.
RB Dalton Hilliard
5-11 182 Jr.
RB Junior Mataafa
5-9 205 Sr.
QB Jordan Helle
6-2 185 Sr.
AP Rico Newman
5-10 175 Jr.

Third Team
Pos Name

Ht Wt Yr
OL Gavin Silva
6-1 250 Sr.
OL Tyler Brown
6-5 260 Sr.
OL Joseph Siliga
6-0 255 So.
OL Richard Nansen
5-10 220 Sr.
OL Kamakana Tataipu Damien
6-0 240 Sr.
WR Kalei Kamahele
5-7 148 Sr.
WR Allan Macam
5-10 160 Sr.
WR Bruce Andrews
6-0 185 Sr.
RB Keani Nishigaya
Saint Louis 5-5 165 Sr.
RB Antoin DeWalt
Pearl City
6-0 175 Sr.
QB Andrew Manley
6-2 180 So.
AP Mason Koa
6-1 205 Sr.


Second Team
Pos Name

Ht Wt Yr
DT Solomon Koehler Castle
6-2 305 Sr.
DT Christopher Fuga Campbell
5-11 240 Sr.
DE Troy Aoki

5-10 215 Sr.
DE Haku Correa
6-1 260 Sr.
LB Art Laurel

6-1 210 Sr.
LB Adam Hom
5-11 215 Sr.
LB Steven Donahue Saint Louis 5-11 216 Sr.
CB Thomas Ilae
5-11 180 Sr.
CB Marcus Breakfield Leilehua
5-9 155 Jr.
S Ku Botelho
5-10 195 Sr.
S Siu Tafuna
6-0 185 Sr.

Third Team
Pos Name

Ht Wt Yr
DT Nick Maafala
5-8 246 Jr.
DT Pita Latu

5-10 245 Sr.
DE Aaron Silva
5-11 216 Sr.
DE Bronson McMoore Kaiser
6-0 210 Sr.
LB Maua Tuitele
6-1 230 Sr.
LB Cyril Ontai

5-10 200 Jr.
LB Isaiah Iuta
5-11 190 Jr.
CB Jimmy Robinson Farrington
5-8 160 Sr.
CB Allan Macam
5-10 160 Sr.
S Kalei Stevens
5-10 155 Jr.
S Matt Ibanez
5-11 185 Sr.


Second Team
Pos Name

Ht Wt Yr
K Josh Mun

5-10 145 Sr.
P Kela Marciel
5-11 165 Jr.
R Kama Bailey
5-9 160 Sr.

Third Team
Pos Name

Ht Wt Yr
K Lanakila Ynigues Kealakehe
5-10 165 Sr.
P Colin Lund
5-11 183 Sr.
R Dalaunte Stevenson Mililani
6-2 185 So.

Honorable Mention

Jordan Ursua, Kealakehe; Chase Nakamura, Baldwin; Tamatoa DeMello, Saint Louis; Kalua Noa, Kaiser; James Buchanan, Aiea; Ryan Iaea, Saint Louis; Shawn Putnam-Curry, Radford; Hogan Rosehill, Kamehameha-Hawaii; Joshua Fulton, Kealakehe; Ronnie Hirokawa, Iolani; Kao Malama-Custer, Kalaheo; Skyler Cabacungan, Baldwin.
RB: Justin Yamamoto, Iolani; Justin Kauwalu, Waianae; Kolten Wong, Kamehameha-Hawaii; Danny Kekoanui, Waianae; St. John Lessary III, Kahuku; Keoki Limahai, Kealakehe; Mana Purdy, Hawaii Prep; Truman Chun, Kamehameha; Chansi Bolosan, Baldwin; Joshua Fernandez, Farrington; Daniel Liilii, Aiea.
QB: Kela Marciel, Iolani; Kawai Kanuha, Kealakehe; Keenan Naeole, Aiea; Cody vonAppen, Kalaheo.
OL: Tyson Nishihara, Mililani; Cody Kamakana, Iolani; Lilo Pale, Pac-Five; Lika Aviu, Aiea; Lono Awong, Kaiser; Kahai Choy, Kamehameha; Abe Markowitz, Punahou; Stan Hasiak, Kapolei; Dustin Uyeda, Kaimuki; Shane Gaui, Campbell; Dylan Puaa, Baldwin; Bronson Smithe, Leilehua; Hauoli Anderson, Campbell; Chris Atualevao, Leilehua.
AP: Paipai Falemalu, Kahuku; Ben McQuown, Waianae; Earvin Sione, McKinley; Skyler Cabacungan, Baldwin; Anthony Tuitele, Damien.

Etuini "Eddie" Manu, Farrington; Chad Lopati, Kapolei; Jerome Acoba, Kahuku; Jason Campbell, Kamehameha; Lesili Sekona, McKinley; Elliot Kastner, Hawaii Prep; Alika Vaiese, Pac-Five; Kaumu Delos Santos, Leilehua; V.J. Fehoko, Farrington; Jason Campbell, Kamehameha; Marcus Gonzalez, Saint Louis; Kawika Cavaco-Amoy, Saint Louis; Sione Taetakua, Kaimuki; Jonathan Asosaoletoetu, Kailua; Mana Rosa, Baldwin; Montay Rover, Moanalua; Koroseta Leauma, Campbell; Hogan Rosehill, Kamehameha-Hawaii
LB: Jordan Monico, Moanalua; Dylan Hanohano, Kalaheo; Lane Nakamura, Kamehameha; Kapa'ihi Umebayashi, Saint Louis; Grant Hamilton, Farrington; Kaulana Judd, Waimea.
CB: Donniqtay Campbell, Radford; Todd Nakano, Saint Louis; Shandon Dias, Waianae; Christopher Etuale, Kaimuki; Bronson Panui, Waianae; Mikie Webb, Farrington; Bruce Andrews, Kalaheo; Brandon McKee, Saint Louis; Kevin Doo, Kamehameha.
S: Bronson Panui, Waianae; Kamaki Sherman, Anuenue; James Smith, Farrington; Peter Desaulniers, Leilehua; Boston Salmon, Waianae.

Kevin Doo, Kamehameha; Mason Puckett, Aiea; Warren Spencer, Saint Louis; P: Troy Toyama, Pac-Five.

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