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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Jordon Dizon drafted by Detroit Lions

Jordon Dizon just got a new job. Pretty soon Dizon will be trading in his Buffaloes’ helmet for another animal.

The Detroit Lions selected the Waimea High School and soon to be University of Colorado grad in the second round, 45th overall, during yesterday’s NFL draft in New York.
But Dizon didn’t hear his name being called. The linebacker was in Colorado and originally had plans to play golf during the draft, opting out not to watch it. Then it snowed.

Still sticking to his plans to not watch the telecast, Dizon went to the movies. Afterall, he didn’t think he’d be drafted this high.

Hopefully, his phone was on silent in the theaters because surely his phone was ringing off the hook.

His mother, Darla Higa, was working in Waimea leading up to the announcement.

“I called him about three minutes before he got picked, so I must have just had this feeling,” she said. “Being drafted in the second round is huge for a guy from Waimea. As soon as I got the call, I started crying and shaking.”

Higa said she called Dizon’s girlfriend’s mother and joked about what Dizon would do for her now that he’s got a new job. In a previous interview, Dizon joked that if he was drafted and if his mother was nice enough, maybe he’d take her to dinner.

“I said I hope my dinner is big and in New York City,” she said.

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