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Friday, October 03, 2008

Bruins tailback Kahlil Bell learned his lessons well

Similar injuries have kept other players off the field for weeks, sometimes for an entire season. Bell tried to practice four days later. After a week, he was begging to get back to play against Arizona, only to be told no by Coach Rick Neuheisel.

"Kahlil is like the knight in that Monty Python movie," Neuheisel said. "He gets his leg cut off and says, 'It's only a flesh wound.' "
Bell was back in the lineup against Fresno State on Saturday. He gained 73 yards in 20 carries and scored two touchdowns in a 36-31 loss.

Yet, in the fourth quarter, with the Bruins driving for a possible go-ahead touchdown, Bell was on the sideline.

Neuheisel said, "His ankle had tightened up."

Bell said, "I could have been out there," but added, "The coach made a decision and at that point my job was to be the team's biggest cheerleader."

The Bruins lost the ball when Coleman fumbled. Bell, who had a shoving match with him days earlier, consoled him.

"What I had to do is learn how to interact with people better," Bell said. "Some people, you have to get in their face. Other people you just pat on the back."


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