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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Harvey, Aukusitino share offensive POY

Max Harvey and Leo Aukusitino played so well this season Cook Inlet Conference coaches voted both of them offensive players of the year.

Harvey, an Eagle River wide receiver, led the state in passing for the second straight season with 44 catches for 714 yards and five touchdowns.

Aukusitino, a Service senior who was also named defensive player of the year, led all large-schools running backs with 1,330 yards and 17 TDs.

South's John Lewis was voted coach of the year for the second time in three seasons, and East's Anu Poleo was named lineman of the year for the second straight season.

Individual Awards

Offensive Player of the Year -- Max Harvey, Eagle River, and Leo Aukusitino, Service. Defensive Player of the Year -- Leo Aukusitino, Service. Lineman of the Year -- Anu Poleo, East. Utility Player of the Year -- Neil Miyaoka, Service. Head Coach of the Year -- John Lewis, South. Assistant Coaches of the Year -- Numi Ilalio and Tim Davis, Service.

2008 All-Cook Inlet Conference Team

First Team Offense

Center -- Joe Sokimi, Service. Guard -- Michael Perkins, South; Anu Poleo, East; Richard Faaaliga, Service. Tackle -- Corey Lindamood, Service; Kendall Nickson, Bartlett; Alex Lutton, Dimond. Tight End -- Patxi Colbern, South. Wide Receiver -- Max Harvey, Eagle River; Mathew Weedman, Service. Quarterback -- Colin Graham, South. Fullback -- Jamal Hale, Bartlett. Running Back -- Marcus Mendez, Bartlett; Marcus Spencer, South; Leo Aukusitino, Service; Gibson Scanlan, Dimond.

First Team Defense

Defensive End -- Patxi Colbern, South; Zac Carey, Service. Interior Linemen -- Troy Masalosalo, Bartlett; Greg Howard, Chugiak; Anu Poleo, East; Anthony Ainsworth, Dimond. Linebacker -- Gabe Diaz, Dimond; Brown Faaaliga, Service; Trevor Hash, Bartlett; Matt Higgins, South; Gene Ghramm, Chugiak; Jeremy Elliot, East. Defensive Back -- Jordan Blount, Bartlett; Leo Aukusitino, Service; Caleb Holly, East; Christopher Tuohy, South.

First Team Specialists

Kick Returner -- Neil Miyaoka, Service. Kicker -- Amanda Dotten, Service. Punter -- Kyle Dotson, Dimond. Long Snapper -- Ryan Holta, Dimond.

Second Team Offense

Center -- Dylon Short, South. Guard -- Miles Kehr, Chugiak; Jake Hernandez, West; Young Kim, Service. Tackle -- Michael Dennis, South; Greg Howard, Chugiak; Sean Faivae, East. Tight End -- Zac Carey, Service; Kyle Dodson, Dimond. Wide Receiver -- Ryan Holta, Dimond; Neil Miyaoka, Service. Quarterback -- Kevin Reilly, Service. Fullback -- Aaron Trent, South. Running Back -- Greg Ghramm, Chugiak; Archie Blair, Eagle River; Corey Land, East; Justin Kaufmann, West.

Second Team Defense

Defensive End -- Josh Kaiwi, West; Ben Lyons, South. Interior Linemen -- Dalton Riggs, Service; David Aholelei, West; Frank Tanuvasa, East; Jordan Lagrone, South. Linebacker -- Mitchell Brandt, Dimond; Joe Sokimi, Service; Justin Kaufmann, West; Brent Reed, South; Jeff Schwartz, Chugiak; Kasen Lehman, Eagle River. Defensive Back -- Neil Miyaoka, Service; Eric Moore, Chugiak; Archie Blair, Eagle River; Travis Tutor, Dimond; Ryan Holta, Dimond.

Second Team Specialists

Kick Returner -- Travis Tutor, Dimond. Kicker -- Anthony Aguilar, Dimond. Punter -- Dan Lange, Chugiak. Long Snapper -- Dylon Short, South.

Honorable Mention Offense

Center -- William Bergeron III, Eagle River; Roger David, West; Mathias Garding, Dimond. Guard -- Josh Tinajero, South. Tackle -- Sean George, Service; Matt Smith, West; Paul Bezousak, South; Jay Raposa, Chugiak; Benjamin Kozak, Eagle River; Brock Aumua, East; Anthony Ainsworth, Dimond. Tight End -- Darius Horton, Eagle River; Jake Eisses, West. Wide Receiver -- Jamison Murphy, Dimond; Caleb Holly, East; Brandon Metzel, Eagle River; Wes Tulimasealii, West; Connor Mamakunian, Service; Shaquelle Massey, East; Charles Sollars, South. Quarterback -- Niko Sila, West; Agustin Ortiz III, Eagle River; LaMichael Fernandez, Bartlett; Ahmad Nasir, Dimond. Fullback -- David Aholelei, West; Chris Black, East; Jeff Schwartz, Chugiak. Running Back -- Cyrus Chenault, Bartlett; Buron Bell, Eagle River; Samuel Williams, Eagle River.

Honorable Mention Defense

Defensive End -- John-Nathan Glass, Bartlett; James Owolabi, Eagle River; Lyndell Tulimasealii, West. Interior Linemen -- TJ Perry, Service; Nate Ellis, Service; Andy Enz, Service; Benjamin Kozak, Eagle River; Brock Aumua, East; Ezra Tua, Dimond. Linebacker -- Charles Shutt, Eagle River; AJ Banks, East; George Noga Jr., East; Trevor Romo, Dimond; Josh Almeda, Service; Jacob Yates, Bartlett; Paulo Halog, Bartlett. Defensive Back -- Patrick Dye, Eagle River; Raymond Reid, Bartlett; Keith Retuyan, Bartlett; Fatai Shittu, Bartlett; Jacob Orr, West; Wes Tulimasealii, West; Ben Jackson, Service; Raymond Yim, East; Emanuel Canady, East; Eric Guillory, South; Taylor Elsenheimer, South; Ethan Hewitt, Chugiak.

Honorable Mention Specialists

Kick Returner -- Wes Tulimasealii, West. Kicker -- Sean Williams, Chugiak. Punter -- Navarr Lopez, East; Mathew Weedman, Service; Max Harvey, Eagle River. Long Snapper -- Casey Bridges, Chugiak; TJ Hale, Service; Josh Solberg, West; Nathaniel Williams Eagle River.

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