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Friday, October 17, 2008

Polamalu says NFL's fines for hits more about money, not player safety

Troy Polamalu is usually soft-spoken off the field, hard-hitting on it. The recent rash of fines leveled at his Pittsburgh Steelers teammates has caused him to take a shot at the NFL, however.

The Steelers safety suggested Wednesday that the NFL is leveling fines for hits more for its own interest than that of the players.

"I think regarding the evolution of football, it's becoming more and more flag football, two-hand touch," Polamalu said. "We've really lost the essence of what real American football is about. I think it's probably all about money. They're not really concerned about safety."

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell called Polamalu's comments "very disappointing'' on "Sportsline with Steve Davis" on WBAL 1090 in Baltimore.

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