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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

ASHAA 2008 All Stars

After the end of a tough and successful ASHSAA football season that saw Fagaitua Vikings take varsity champions and undefeated Tafuna Warriors win the junior varsity competition, ASHSAA has named its 2008-2009 Individual Awards. The standout athletes are as follows:

All Purpose Player of the year: #7 Fagaitua High School Marvin Joey Iosefa

League Most Valuable Player: #7 Fagaitua High School Marvin Joey Iosefa

Offensive Player of the year: #2 Leone High School Afasene Tasi.

Offensive Back of the year: #2 Fagaitua High School Arona Tuiafono.

Offensive Lineman of the year: #53 Leone High School Hopo Fosita.

Iron Man Awards: #7 Fagaitua High School Marvin Joey Iosefa with the most touch downs. This award was sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Tavita Mageo.

Defensive Player of the year: #29 Samoana High School Fuailelagilouola James Savea.

Defensive Back of the year: #12 Samoana High School Sloan Sanitoa.

Linebacker of the year: #5 Tafuna High School Tony Fuiava and #9 Fagaitua High School Tauamanu Sega.

Defensive Lineman of the year: #39 Leone High School Sale Fatu

These awards were named by ASHSAA to honor the dedication and commitment showed by these players during this year’s football season. The majority of these All Stars players will also be named in this year’s East and West football game and they will be prominent in skill and strength.

The East and West teams will include forty(40) players for each team. During the East and West game, ASHSAA will scout forty (40) players to be selected for the Samoa Bowl which is scheduled for Jan. 1, 2009 at the Tafuna Veterans Memorial Stadium.

ASHSAA has also selected a 2008-2009 All Stars Teams to acknowledge the Best of the Best players for this year’s football encounter. These teams list is only for acknowledgment and from this All Stars teams is the East and West teams selected.

This year’s All Stars team are selected in two teams. The first All Stars offensive team are: Marvin Joey Iosefa from Fagaitua High School, Afasene Tasi from Leone High School, Arona Tuiafono from Fagaitua High School, Tima Iaulualo from Fagaitua High School, Joe Vaka from Fagaitua High School, Marvin Ioane from Tafuna High School, Hopo Fosita from Leone High School, Chester Faiai from Samoana High School, Fotu Vaimauaga from Fagaitua High School, Robert Mikaele from Leone High School, Manny McFarland from Tafuna High School and all purpose Ketesemane Autele from Samoana High School.

The first All Stars defensive team are Ronnie Faimoa from Samoana High School, Freeman Faiva from Fagaitua High School, Sale Fatu from Leone High School, Usitai Tua from Samoana High School, James Savea from Samoana High School, Tony Fuiava from Tafuna High School, Tauamanu Sega from Fagaitua High School, Esau Filipo from Fagaitua High School, Sloan Sanitoa from Samoana High School, Chester Sua from Fagaitua High School and Marino Ieremia from Tafuna High School.

The second All Stars offensive team are: Leone High School’s Ilalio Sila, Kolose Tainamu from Samoana High School, Jedi Teufilo from Tafuna High School, Jade Unasa from Leone High School, Philip Fata from Samoana High School, Onosai Sofara from Leone High School, Atapou Puaauli from Marist High School, John Sua from Fagaitua High School, Mose Lausauga from Fagaitua High School, Nixxon Collins from Marist High School, Willie Ponausuia from Leone High School and utility player Rafel Mano from Marist High School.

The second All Stars defensive team are Fagaitua High School’s Michael Meaole, Rhine Samuelu from Samoana High School, Eneleo Sagato from Leone High School, Rainy Ala from Tafuna High School, Lauolo Tuala from Samoana High School, Danny Niusulu from Fagaitua High School, Bobby Steffany from Leone High School, Ailao Tualaulelei from Samoana High School, Eldon Maupa from Fagaitua High School, Jaricho Mamoe from Leone High School and Tevita Siale from Tafuna High School.

ASHSAA made honorable mention of the following players: Ethan Salatielu from Fagaitua High School, Hemasi Latu from Fagaitua High School, Roy Lilomaiva from Fagaitua High School, Pati Lang from Leone High School, Feala Tainamu from Leone High School, Vince Ponausuia from Leone High School, David Sagiao from Tafuna High School, Jin Min from Tafuna High School, Faafetai Saelua from Tafuna High School, David Katina from Marist High School, Paul Allen from Marist High School, Douglas Steffany from Marist High School, Tomasone Lefiti from Samoana High School, Ryan Samuelu from Samoana High School, Vaea Aetonu from Samoana High School and Daniel Vili from Samoana High School.

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