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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Nike All Combine Team (Honolulu)

The 2010 Nike Combine tour kicked off Saturday in Honolulu with over 350 participants, but only 25 players can make the All-Nike Combine team.

And note, the selections are based upon combine performance and projected college recruitability. Athletes must have completed two of the four combine tests to be eligible for selection.

Honolulu Nike All-Combine Team

QB: QB: Trenton McKinney, 6-0, 182, Wahiawa (Hi.) Mililani
Results: 4.87 40, 4.19 shuttle, 38' PB, 29.0" VJ, 88.65 SPARQ
Breakdown: Intriguing dual-threat QB tested very well and also threw the ball well in post testing drills; was honorable mention all-state pick last fall.

RB: Jesse Carney, 5-8, 163, Kailua (Hi.) Kalaheo
Results: 4.77 40, 4.03 shuttle, 33'6" PB, 31.1" VJ, 89.61 SPARQ
Breakdown: Division II all-state pick last year has great quickness and could also play DB at the next level.

RB: Josh Gonda, 5-10, 175, Honolulu (Hi.) Kaiser
Results: 4.67 40, 4.41 shuttle, 33' PB, 31.8" VJ, 80.97 SPARQ
Breakdown: Speedy 'back coming off of a strong junior year tested well and looked very quick in drills.

RB: Chester Sua, 6-1, 195, Honolulu (Hi.) Kaimuki
Results: 4.75 40, 4.17 shuttle, 35' PB, 28.6" VJ, 89.25 SPARQ
Breakdown: Big 'back could also end up at linebacker or safety in college.

WR: Duke Bukoski, 5-11.5, 190, Honolulu (Hi.) St. Louis
Results: 4.72 40, 4.19 shuttle, 36' PB, 33.0" VJ, 96.69 SPARQ.
Breakdown: Consensus all-state pick last year has all the makings of a DI recruit with quickness and good strength.

WR:Joshua Tupua, 5-7.5, 208, Honolulu (Hi.) St. Louis
Results: 4.77 40, 4.25 shuttle, 35' PB, 30.4" VJ, 91.05 SPARQ
Breakdown:Physical and quick slot receiver would be great fit in the spread system of home-state Hawaii Warriors.

WR: Ro Wilson, 6-1, 168, Wailuku (Hi.) Baldwin
Results: 4.72 40, 4.44 shuttle, 33'6" PB, 34.4" VJ, 81.72 SPARQ
Breakdown: Smooth wideout had one of day's top verticals and ran well, earned second team all-state honors in the fall.

OL:Houston Clemente, 6-2.5, 297, Honolulu (Hi.) St. Louis
Results: 5.49 40, 4.94 shuttle, 29'6" PB, 22.4" VJ, 55.17 SPARQ
Breakdown: Would like to see a bigger power ball throw from an OL, but moved very well for a nearly 300-pound guard/center prospect.

OL: Afi Greig (Class of '12), 5-10.5, 256, Honolulu (Hi.) St. Louis
Results:5.45 40, 4.47 shuttle, 33' PB, 22.0" VJ, 63.03 SPARQ
Breakdown: Greig will need to add another inch or two to his frame to be heavily-recruited, but has the stoutness and athletic ability needed to star at guard/center.

OL:Harrison Kanehailua, 6-2, 290, Honolulu (Hi.) Word of Life Academy
Results: 5.88 40, 4.91 shuttle, 36' PB, 18.8" VJ, 57.30 SPARQ
Breakdown: Big man stood strong in 1on1s and impressed with solid power ball and sub-5 second shuttle.

OL: Chris Thee, 5-11.5, 259, Kahuku (Hi.)
Results: 5.38 40, 4.75 shuttle, 37' PB, 23.2" VJ, 66.30 SPARQ
Breakdown: Center isn't blessed with ideal height but tested well and dominated in 1-on-1s.

OL: Tevita Tonga, 6-2, 336, Kahuku (Hi.)
Results:5.98 40, 5.37 shuttle, 35' PB, 18.9" VJ, 60.87 SPARQ
Breakdown: With road-graders like Tonga and Thee, it's no secret why Kahuku has the most physical offensive attack on The Islands annually.

ATH: Jeremy Tabuyo (Class of '13), 5-10.5, 163, Honolulu (Hi.) St. Louis
Results: 4.58 40, 4.25 shuttle, 30' PB, 28.3" VJ, 77.31 SPARQ
Breakdown: Rising soph posted the combine's fastest 40 and should be ready to step-in as the next great St. Louis pass-catcher when Bukoski graduates.

DL: DeForest Buckner (Class of '12), 6-6.5, 219, Honolulu (Hi.) Punahou
Results: 5.04 40, 4.22 shuttle, 40' PB, 28.7" VJ, 94.26 SPARQ.
Breakdown: As impressive on the hoof as any player at the event and could be Hawaii's top prospect in Class of '12.

DL: Luke Kaumatule (Class of '12), 6-6.5, 229, Honolulu (Hi.) Radford
Results: 5.00 40, 4.35 shuttle, 37'6" PB, 27.7" VJ, 85.71 SPARQ
Breakdown: Between Buckner and Kaumatule, defensive line coaches from across America should be flocking to Oahu over the next two years.

DL: Reeve Koehler (Class of '13), 6-3, 274, Honolulu (Hi.) St. Louis
Results: 5.46 40, 4.62 shuttle, 39'6" PB, 26.0" VJ, 80.76 SPARQ.
Breakdown: Raw talent will continue to grow and mature physically but should be a monster recruit in two years.

DL: Rich Villasenor, 6-0.5, 239, Honolulu (Hi.) Moanalua
Results: 5.27 40, 4.46 shuttle, 41' PB, 22.8" VJ, 81.63 SPARQ
Breakdown: All-state selection last fall had double-digit sacks and good upside at DT as he continues to mature physically.

LB: Ben Mamea, 5-11, 203, Kahuku (Hi.)
Results: 4.83 40, 4.35 shuttle, 35'6" PB, 26.3" VJ, 78.90 SPARQ
Breakdown: One of the state's most decorated returnees in the Class of 2011 after earning consensus first team all-state honors this fall.

LB: Tigi Hill, 6-2, 204, Kahuku (Hi.)
Results: 4.93 40, 4.28 shuttle, 35' PB, 27.8" VJ, 80.22 SPARQ
Breakdown: Was honorable mention all-state pick at safety last fall but we love his frame and athletic ability as a LB on the next level.

LB: K.T. Tuumalo, 6-1.5, 191, Honolulu (Hi.) Punahou
Results: 4.22 shuttle, 34' PB, 30.4" VJ
Breakdown: Very impressive physical specimen who could be closing in on his first scholarship offer shortly.

LB: Justin Vele, 5-11.5, 216, Honolulu (Hi.) Farrington Results: 5.04 40, 4.44 shuttle, 34'6" PB, 24.7" VJ, 69.00 SPARQ Breakdown: Traditional middle linebacker has good strength and thickness; second team all-state pick last fall.

DB: Elijah Lagafuaina, 5-11.5, 189, Wahiawa (Hi.) Mililani
Results: 4.62 40, 4.21 shuttle, 33'6" PB, 32.4" VJ, 94.74 SPARQ.
Breakdown: Versatile talent who can play various positions already has offer from Southern Miss.

DB: Solomon Dixon, 5-8.5, 139, Honolulu (Hi.) McKinley
Results: 4.65 40, 4.44 shuttle, 29' PB, 36.4" VJ, 73.11 SPARQ
Breakdown: Will need to add some weight and strength to play at next level but has the necessary feet and athleticism.

DB: Kila Zuttermeister (Class of '12), 5-10, 156, Honolulu (Hi.) Iolani
Results: 4.66 40, 4.13 shuttle, 37'6" PB, 26.0" VJ, 88.74 SPARQ
Breakdown: Underclassman challenged for top SPARQ Rating and looks to have bright future.

DB: Walter Santiago, 5-10, 169, Honolulu (Hi.) Kamehameha
Results: 4.77 40, 4.09 shuttle, 36' PB, 30.1" VJ, 90.30 SPARQ
Breakdown: Second-team all-state pick a year ago for state champion Warriors.

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