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Friday, April 23, 2010

Shawn Lauvao transcript

The transcript of Shawn Lauvao's Friday evening conference call.

Browns offensive lineman Shawn Lauvao conference call 4-23-10
(On whether he prefers playing guard or tackle) - "The biggest thing is that I started at guard. Back in high school I played tackle. Then I got acclimated back to tackle. Whatever they want me to do I am more than willing. I know the coaching will be first class. Whatever they see fit and wherever I can help the team is the biggest thing for me."
(On if he had an idea that the Browns were interested) - "Honestly, the biggest thing I heard in general was a middle round grade. So I was like hopefully I can slip into the second or third round. That was my general consensus, but I was honestly thinking fourth or fifth round. To get drafted in general, that itself is truly an honor. The biggest thing is that I had a lot of teams calling me, making sure they had my draft information. I mean I probably had 20-25 teams calling me to make sure they had my draft information. I was pretty sure teams showed a lot of interest, but I never really knew."
(On what he studied in college) - "I studied education and sociology. I graduated back in 2008 and I was working on my master's in curriculum and instruction."
(On how long it took him to earn his bachelor's degree) - "Three and a half years and I'm six to nine units away from getting my master's."
(On what he knows about the Browns) - "I know they are in Cleveland. I know you guys have two players from Hawaii in David Veikune and Kaluka Maiava. I know they have diehard fans and I know Jim Brown is a legend there. And I know you got rid of two quarterbacks in Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn. I know that much."
(On what he got his undergraduate and master's degrees in) - "My undergraduate was in education and sociology and my master's is in curriculum and instruction."
(On if he envisions himself as a long-term NFL starter) - "Yes, definitely. The biggest thing I bring is my work ethic. Whatever the coaches ask of me. I'm more than willing, which is the biggest thing. As in prevalence to playing tackle, it's not my natural position, but the biggest thing is that I am more than willing to learn. The biggest thing, as I was reiterating before, is that football is something that is important to me and I'm real passionate about. My biggest thing is that I don't want to disappoint, I want to help the team anyway possible, come in and compete, give effort and show them that I belong."

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