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Friday, April 23, 2010

Lauvao brings physicality, toughness

Offensive lineman Shawn Lauvao is tough player on the football field and a historian off of it.

At No. 85, the Browns got a quarterback in Colt McCoy. Seven picks later, they picked an offensive lineman to block for that quarterback in Shawn Lauvao.
Lauvao, who is just a handful of credits away from receiving a Master’s degree in curriculum and instruction, is a 6-foot-3, 305-pound offensive lineman with experience at tackle and guard. More importantly than playing multiple positions on the line, Lauvao is known for moving people off the ball.
“One of the things you like about watching an offensive lineman or something that always jumps off the screen to me is guys that clean the pocket,” said Browns coach Eric Mangini. “That means, when they’re not blocking somebody, they go and help somebody else out. It’s usually one of those defensive linemen remember. There were quite a few of those with him.
“I thought he played with a good base; I thought he used his hands well,” he added. “He had really good awareness. He understood how things were unfolding and a knack for dealing with those things. A lot of that is anticipation.”
Lauvao, the sixth player from Arizona State drafted by the Browns and a native of Hawaii, showed off his education background during his conference call.
“I know you guys have two players from Hawaii, David Veikune and Kaluka Maiava,” Lauvao said. “I also know that the Browns have die-hard fans and Jim Brown is definitely a legend out there.”

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