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Monday, June 27, 2011

NFL's Sione Pouha

Sione Po'uha, a former East High and University of Utah football player who’s now a defensive tackle for the New York Jets, is truly a Utah man. Back in Utah during the NFL lockout, Po'uha, along with seven other NFL players, will host a youth football camp at East High from June 30-July 1 (, and, on Monday, July 4, throw a free Fourth of July party at Liberty Park (600 E. 1300 South). The Bula One Love Fest kicks off at 8 a.m. with a 5K run/walk, booths, food vendors, free musical performances from The Wailers and others, and finishes with a fireworks show.
What inspired you to hold Bula One Love?
It stems from a company that I started here in Salt Lake City, which produces the Bula beverage, a relaxation drink. It’s also like the hometown kid is coming back—brings his story back, brings his life experience back. I love this place. I’m from here; I was born and raised here. The goal is to formulate it into a traditional [yearly] event. I’m looking at the event like, “Hey, come celebrate, let’s have a great time.” You just gotta do something good. I believe in karma. I believe in good vibes. Anything good, I’m for it.

My dad passed away a couple years ago from pancreatic cancer. I’m a big advocate of the Huntsman Cancer Institute and the things they do, and was even before I found out my dad was affected by cancer. In the morning, we’re having a 5K walk and roll here at Liberty Park and we’d love for people to come out and form groups. We’ve got Moses and Kaylee Kinikini from The Biggest Loser, and they’re going to be the ambassadors of the walk. They’re coming from Idaho and bringing other contestants with them. We’ll have cheer stations, the Utah Rugby team and others. And afterward, we hope people come enjoy the booths and the great lineup that we have, free of charge—The Wailers, they’re ready to go. We made sure that they felt appreciated; they know that the people of Utah are ready to go.


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